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Zoom Members Evening – October 20th 2020 - Several members took this opportunity to show and discuss some of their work. Adam got the ball rolling by sharing his collection of “photo-a-day” images which he started at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately some health issues intervened during … Continue reading


Competition Judging – October 6th 2020 - Our first Open competition of the new season was conducted on Zoom Meetings and judged by Ian Hosker from the Sidmouth Photographic Club. Ian primarily looked for both technical execution and impact of the images and the balance and interaction … Continue reading


“Self Portrait” Evening – September 29th 2020 - Despite rather sparse attendance, a number of inventive and imaginative self portraits¬† were shared by the attendees on the Zoom call. Several techniques had been used to create images including the use of props, costumes and a range of processing … Continue reading


“Sports Photography” Zoom Presentation – September 22nd 2020 - We joined with Warrington Camera Club to hear Rod Sloane present his unique and engaging ideas and images of cycle racing for which he has an enduring passion. Although Rod only became fully engaged with his cycling photographic activities a … Continue reading


Zoom Presentation – September 15th 2020 - Professor Paul Welham-Clarke shared details of a number of photographic projects that he had embarked upon throughout his career of over 30 years. He combines teaching photography as well as being a practicing professional photographer and had been active in … Continue reading


Image Potpourri – September 8th 2020 - We continued our adoption of Zoom Meetings to view a medley of highly impressive monochrome and colour images that had been submitted from across the globe. The genres covered included Nature, Open and Travel and the task of identifying award … Continue reading


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