Competition Rules

Edition 1.3 – Date of Issue 13 September 2022.


1.1 This edition revokes all and any previous editions of these rules.

1.2 These rules are subject to variation and alteration at any time at the discretion of the committee.

1.3 Entry to club competitions is open to all who are members on the date of submission.

1.4 Entries must be submitted by midnight on the day of the deadline. Competition dates and submission deadlines are advertised in advance in the club programme. Entries submitted after the deadline will be refused.

1.5 The number of entries for each competition is advertised on the club website and is subject to variation at any time.

1.6 Should more than the permitted number of images be submitted for a competition by any one member, all of that member’s images will be rejected and will need to resubmitted before the deadline.

1.7 Entries must be photographic images consisting of the member’s own original photographic work and full copyright must belong to the member.

1.8 Entries must be suitable for viewing by all ages, and must not be offensive or pornographic. No glamour, lingerie, suggestive or implied nude images will be accepted.

1.9 Entries should conform to the subject of the competition, which is either “Open” or “Set Subject”. However, all entries will be submitted to the judge, regardless of their perceived suitability of the set subject. Set subjects are advertised in advance on the club website.

1.10 Entries should conform to the format and size specified for each competition.

1.11 Entries will be submitted to the judge in a random order. The judge may present them in any order they choose.

1.12 No responsibility can be taken for entries which are lost, delayed, omitted or damaged, however caused.

1.13 All copyright remains with the photographer, but the club reserves the right to copy and/or hold entries for a reasonable time for the inclusion in exhibitions, inter-club competitions and promotion of the club. This right automatically lapses when a member leaves the club, or may be revoked at any time by writing to the club secretary.

1.14 The committee’s decision on any matters relating to disputes or the interpretation or dispute of these rules is final.


2.1 Submission

The preferred method of submission is by email to the address Entries sent to any other address may be rejected. The images should be file attachments to an email, not inline or embedded in the email. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm receipt of each member’s entries. If no response is received within 24 hours, please contact the digital competitions secretary. Emails must not be larger than 10MB total size. Do not send anything other than competition entries to this address.

Entries larger than 10MB may be submitted via Dropbox ( sent to the above email address.

Entries may also be submitted on memory stick. These entries can only be accepted at a designated club meeting, subject to a competition secretary being available to collect them. The memory stick should contain only the images intended to be submitted and no other content. Memory sticks may need to be retained until the next club meeting.

A list of the membership numbers of all members submitting entries together, with the number of entries they have submitted, will be sent out shortly after the competition deadline. Members should check carefully that these details are correct.

2.2 Format

Images should be submitted as a file in JPEG format. Images may be submitted at any size, but will be resized to fit the dimensions of the screen or projector. A black border may be added to achieve the correct size. Colour space, JPEG quality and resolution are the member’s own choice. If you would like to prepare your JPEG file to match the projector’s resolution, then please enquire well in advance of the submission deadline.

2.3 Identification

Entries are to be identified by naming each file as your three digit membership number (left-padded with zeros if necessary e.g. 007) followed by an underscore “_” (NOT a hyphen “-“), the name of the competition, another underscore, followed by the title of the image. Please do not use underscores in the name of the competition or the title.

For example: 007_Open_A Nice Picture.jpg

File names which do not conform to this format will be rejected.


3.1 Submission

Prints are to be submitted to the competition secretary either at the club meeting immediately before the deadline, or in person by prior arrangement.

A digital image of each print should be submitted to the email address The digital print image should be the actual file which has been printed and is intended to allow the judge to view the entries if they are unable to view the physical prints until the night of the competition.

The digital image should be prepared in the same way as specified above for digital entries, including the format of the file name to include three digit membership number, competition name and print title.

Prints submitted without an accompanying digital copy will not be accepted.

3.2 Format

Prints must be a minimum size of 18cm x 12.5cm (7″ x 5″) and a maximum size of 40cm x 50cm (15.7″ x 19.7″).

Prints must be mounted with stiff card or mount board and the overall mount must not exceed the maximum print size.

If your mount uses tape or glue, please ensure it is strong enough to avoid becoming detached and damaging other entries.

3.3 Identification

Each print should be clearly marked on the reverse with the membership number, title of the competition and the image title. No other information should be included.


4.1 The current scoring system will be advertised on the club website and may be varied at any time at the discretion of the committee.

4.2 Scoring System 1: Marks Out of 20

Entries will be judged and points awarded out of a maximum 20 per entry.

4.3 Scoring System 2: Places and Commendations

Entries will be judged and places awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Further places may be awarded, at the judge’s discretion, for entries which are Highly Commended (HC) or Commended (C).

In the monthly competition, each member receives one point per entry and further points for each entry placed as follows:

  • 1st place – 5 points
  • 2nd place – 4 points
  • 3rd place – 3 points
  • Highly Commended – 2 points
  • Commended – 1 point


5.1 Monthly Competitions

Monthly competitions are held roughly once per calendar month. The subjects, dates of submission and judging details will be advertised on the website.

Entries which are placed first (or receive the highest score) in any given monthly competition may not be entered again in any future monthly competitions.

There are two types of monthly competitions:

  • Prints
  • Digitally projected images.

Entries to monthly competitions are judged and scored using the standard scoring system for both competitions.

The subjects are “Open” or “Set subject” as specified in rule 1.7.

A separate cumulative score for prints and digital is kept for each member over the course of the season.

At the end of the season, the member with the highest overall print score is the winner of the print competition, and the member with the highest overall digital score is the winner of the digitally projected image competition. Awards for the winners are advertised in advance on the website.

5.2 Annual Competitions

The annual competition is held once per year at the end of the season. The subjects, dates of submission and judging details will be advertised on the website.

Entries which have been entered into an annual competition may not be entered again in any future annual competitions.

A number of separate competitions are held, and these are advertised in advance on the club website.