Past Programme

This is a list of all our past programme items.

Venue Date Map Event Time
05/07/20UNDER REVIEW - Annual Summer Outing8:00am
URC Club Hall09/06/20MapSUSPENDED - Annual Competition Judging7:30pm
URC Club Hall26/05/20MapSUSPENDED - AV Extravaganza (Note "A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall12/05/20MapSUSPENDED - Sponsored Evening - Great Western Cameras7:30pm
URC Club Hall28/04/20MapSUSPENDED - Open Competition #47:30pm
URC Club Hall14/04/20MapSUSPENDED - Presentation (Note "A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall31/03/20MapSUSPENDED - Presentation 7:30pm
URC Club Hall17/03/20MapSUSPENDED - Quad Battle7:30pm
Town Hall Annexe Cricklade03/03/20MapBattle v Cricklade Camera Club7:30pm
URC Club Hall18/02/20MapAGM & Members Evening7:30pm
URC Club Hall04/02/20MapOpen Competition #3 (Note "B")7:30pm
URC Club Hall21/01/20MapPresentation "My Digital View" (Note "A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall07/01/20MapMembers Evening7:30pm
TBC17/12/19MapChristmas Meal7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/12/19MapOpen Competition #27:30pm
Beversbrooke - Calne21/11/19MapMulti Club Battle7:00pm
URC Club Hall19/11/19MapCreative Photography Presentation (Note"A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/11/19MapOpen Competition #17:30pm
Swindon Town Centre23/10/19MapStreet Photography Practical Workshop10:00am
URC Club Hall22/10/19MapStreet Photography Presentation (Note "A" and Note "B")7:30pm
URC Club Hall08/10/19MapAn Evening of Audio-Visuals7:30pm
URC Club Hall24/09/19MapSummer Competition & Members Evening 7:30pm
URC Club Hall10/09/19MapAwards Presentation & WCPF Travelling Prints7:30pm
Uffington White Horse27/08/19MapSummer Photoshoot 5b7:30pm
Uffington White Horse20/08/19MapSummer Photoshoot #57:30pm
Stokes Croft17/08/19MapSummer Photoshoot8:00am
Castle Combe06/08/19MapSummer Photoshoot #47:00pm
Lotmead Farm23/07/19MapSummer Photoshoot #37:00pm
St John the Baptist Church09/07/19MapSummer Photoshoot #27:00pm
Wilton Windmill25/06/19MapSummer Photoshoot #17:30pm
URC Club Hall11/06/19MapAnnual Competition 7:30pm
URC Club Hall28/05/19MapPortraiture Lighting Workshop (Note "A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall14/05/19MapAV Extravaganza7:30pm
URC Club Hall30/04/19MapCreative Approach Workshop7:30pm
URC Club Hall16/04/19MapWCPF Audio Visuals7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/04/19MapOpen Competition #47:30pm
Stratton Camera Club27/03/19MapQuad Battle7:00pm
The Cross Keys12/03/19MapPhotography Workshop7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/03/19MapClub Members Evening7:30pm
URC Club Hall19/02/19MapAGM7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/02/19MapCompetition #37:30pm
URC Club Hall22/01/19MapPresentation "RPS Northern India Tour" (Note "A")7:30pm
The Cross Keys15/01/19MapPhotography Workshop #17:30pm
TBC18/12/18MapChristmas Meal7:00pm
URC Club Hall11/12/18MapCompetition #27:30pm
URC Club Hall27/11/18MapPresentation - "Pet Photography" (Note "A")7:30pm
Beversbrooke - Calne19/11/18MapCalne Multi-club Battle7:00pm
URC Club Hall13/11/18MapPhotoshop Processing Techniques7:30pm
URC Club Hall30/10/18MapCompetition #17:30pm
URC Club Hall16/10/18Map"Show and Tell" Members evening (Note"A")7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/10/18MapPresentation - "Macro-photography" (Note "B")7:30pm
URC Club Hall18/09/18MapSummer Competition7:30pm
URC Club Hall04/09/18MapAwards Presentation & Open Evening (Note "A")7:30pm
Faringdon Folly Tower21/08/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 67:00pm
Bradford-on-Avon19/08/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 510:00am
Malmesbury14/08/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 47:00pm
RWB Library11/08/18MapAnnual Prints Exhibition10:00am
Rein and Shine 24/07/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 37:00pm
Lotmead Farm10/07/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 27:00pm
West Somerset Railway 08/07/18MapSummer Outing7:30am
Cherhill White Horse26/06/18MapSummer Photo-shoot 17:00pm
URC Club Hall12/06/18MapAnnual Competition Prints7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/06/18MapAnnual Competition Projected Images7:30pm
URC Club Hall22/05/18MapGt Western Cameras Evening (Note 'A')7:30pm
URC Club Hall08/05/18MapPresentation by Bob Bishop7:30pm
URC Club Hall24/04/18MapWCPF Travelling Prints Critique7:30pm
URC Club Hall10/04/18MapOpen Competition #47:30pm
Devizes Sports Club27/03/18MapQuad Battle with Devizes, Stratton and Swindon7:15pm
URC Club Hall13/03/18MapAV Extravaganza7:30pm
URC Club Hall27/02/18MapAGM & Sports Photography Presentation7:30pm
URC Club Hall13/02/18MapCompetition: Subject 'Open'7:30pm
URC Club Hall30/01/18MapPresentation 'Now you see it, now you don't" by Martin Cooper (Note 'A')7:30pm
URC Club Hall16/01/18MapDesert Island Images7:30pm
RWB High Street19/12/17MapChristmas Lights Photography7:30pm
Wiltshire Hotel, Golf and Leisure Club12/12/17MapChristmas Meal7:00pm
URC Club Hall05/12/17MapCompetition: Subject 'Open'7:30pm
URC Club Hall21/11/17MapPresentation 'Street Photography' by Peter Crane (Note 'A')7:30pm
URC Club Hall07/11/17MapCompetition: Subject 'Open'7:30pm
URC Club Hall24/10/17MapWCPF Audio-Visual Presentations (Note 'A')7:30pm
URC Club Hall10/10/17Map'Summer Competition' (Note 'B')7:30pm
URC Club Hall26/09/17MapPresentation 'Image Icons' by Christopher Bigg (Note 'A')7:30pm
URC Club Hall12/09/17MapAwards Presentation and Open Evening7:30pm
Rockley Down22/08/17MapSummer Photo-shoot7:00pm
RWB Library12/08/17MapAnnual Prints ExhibitionTBD
Lydiard Country Park08/08/17MapSummer Photo-shoot7:00pm
Coate Water25/07/17MapSummer Photo-shoot7:00pm
Corsham 11/07/17MapSummer Photo-shoot7:00pm
Ironbridge09/07/17MapSummer Outing7:00am
Wichelstowe27/06/17MapSummer Photo-shoot7:00pm
URC Club Hall13/06/17MapAnnual Competition - Prints7:30pm
URC Club Hall06/06/17MapAnnual Competition - Digital Projected7:30pm
URC Club Hall23/05/17MapTalk - Throw away the Tripod (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall09/05/17MapCompetition Night - Subject Open - Judge Eddy Lane7:30pm
URC Club Hall25/04/17MapTalk by Leo Rich on Sliding into Digital. (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall11/04/17MapAudio/Visual display of WCPF images7:30pm
URC Club Hall28/03/17MapCompetition Night - Subject Open - Judge - Ralph Snook7:30pm
URC Club Hall14/03/17MapTuition Evening (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall28/02/17MapOlympus Camera presentation7:30pm
URC Club Hall14/02/17MapAnnual General Meeting7:30pm
URC Club Hall31/01/17MapPractical Presentation by Andy Beel7:30pm
URC Club Hall17/01/17MapCompetition Night - Subject Open - Judge Adrian Herring7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/01/17MapTable top or Night Photography (Note A)7:30pm
Royal George Pub13/12/16MapChristmas Dinner7:30pm
URC Club Hall06/12/16MapCompetition Night - Subject Open - Judge Sandie Cox7:30pm
URC Club Hall22/11/16MapPractical Demonstration by Jenny Byram (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall08/11/16MapEvening Presentation talk by Bob Bishop7:30pm
URC Club Hall25/10/16MapWarhol and Story Behind The Picture Night7:30pm
URC Club Hall11/10/16MapSummer Competition7:30pm
URC Club Hall27/09/16MapTravelling Critique7:30pm
URC Club Hall13/09/16MapTuition Evening7:30pm
URC Club Hall06/09/16MapOpen Evening & Presentation of Awards7:30pm
Hackpen White Horse30/08/16MapSummer Evening 6 - Star Trails7:30pm
Caen Locks23/08/16MapSummer Evening 5 - Caen Locks7:30pm
Cotswold Water Park09/08/16MapSummer Evening 4 - Cotswold Water Park7:30pm
The Swan Hotel - Bibury26/07/16MapSummer Evening 3 - Bibury7:30pm
Corsham 12/07/16MapSummer Evening 2 - Corsham 7:30pm
Stanton Country Park28/06/16MapSummer Evening 1 - Stanton Country Park7:30pm
URC Club Hall14/06/16MapAnnual Competition - Prints - Judge Matt Revell7:30pm
URC Club Hall07/06/16MapAnnual Competition - Projected - Judge Matt Revell7:30pm
URC Club Hall24/05/16MapPortrait Night (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall10/05/16MapCompetition Night - Subject Open - Judge Ian Drake 7:30pm
URC Club Hall26/04/16MapMacro Photography (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall12/04/16MapPresentation Night with Robert Harvey7:30pm
URC Club Hall29/03/16MapPresentation Night with Robert Harvey (Note B) 7:30pm
URC Club Hall15/03/16MapCompetition Night - Open - Judge Bob Ryan7:30pm
URC Club Hall01/03/16MapPentax Presentation (Note A) 7:30pm
URC Club Hall16/02/16MapCompetition - Doorways - Judge Peter Weaver7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/02/16MapAGM and Members Night (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall19/01/16MapCompetition Night - Summer Competition7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/01/16MapTable Top Night - (Note A) 7:30pm
15/12/15Christmas Meal7:30pm
01/12/15Battle against Devizes - Judge Eddy Lane7:30pm
URC Club Hall17/11/15MapPresentation Night - David KJaer7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/11/15MapCompetition Night - Street Photography7:30pm
URC Club Hall20/10/15MapTuition Night - (Note A) (Note B)7:30pm
URC Club Hall06/10/15MapCompetition Night - Agriculture7:30pm
URC Club Hall22/09/15MapTravelling Critique (Note A) 7:30pm
URC Club Hall08/09/15MapWarhol Night7:30pm
Beversbrooke - Calne07/09/15MapTri-Battle with Calne & Nonpareil7:30pm
URC Club Hall01/09/15MapOpen Evening - Presentation of Awards7:30pm
Red Lion25/08/15MapAvebury7:30pm
The Red Lion11/08/15MapLacock7:30pm
Alms House28/07/15MapCorsham7:30pm
URC Club Hall14/07/15MapLightroom Training7:30pm
Corn Hall & Assembly Room30/06/15MapCirencester7:30pm
The Jubilee Lake16/06/15MapJubilee Lake7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/06/15MapAnnual Competition - Prints7:30pm
URC Club Hall26/05/15MapAnnual Competition - Digital7:30pm
URC Club Hall12/05/15MapMembers Night - You are the Stars (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall28/04/15MapCompetition Night - Subject Open7:30pm
Highworth Community Centre14/04/15MapTri-Battle7:30pm
URC Club Hall31/03/15MapPresentation Night - Imaginative Imagery - (Note A)7:30pm
Devizes Camera Club24/03/15MapBattle with Devizes Club7:30pm
URC Club Hall17/03/15MapCompetition Night - Open7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/03/15MapPresentation Night - Landscape - All Seasons (Note A) (Note B)7:30pm
URC Club Hall17/02/15MapA.G.M.7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/02/15MapCompetition Night - "That's Unusual"7:30pm
URC Club Hall20/01/15MapSummer Competition Night - (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall06/01/15MapPortrait Night - (Note A)7:30pm
Royal George Pub16/12/14MapChristmas Meal at the Royal George7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/12/14MapPresentation Night - The latest equipment on the scene by Sony7:30pm
URC Club Hall18/11/14MapCompetition Night - Circles7:30pm
URC Club Hall04/11/14MapPresentation Night - Bristol - City of the Seas: (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall21/10/14MapPractical Night - Bring your cameras7:30pm
URC Club Hall07/10/14MapCompetition Night - Eating Al-Fresco7:30pm
URC Club Hall23/09/14MapTravelling Critique (Note A)7:30pm
URC Club Hall09/09/14MapPhotographic Tuition7:30pm
URC Club Hall02/09/14MapPresentation and Open Evening7:30pm
Cotswold Water Park26/08/14MapSummer Night 67:30pm
The Jubilee Lake12/08/14MapSummer Night 57:30pm
Wilton Windmill29/07/14MapSummer Night 47:30pm
Devizes Canal Lock15/07/14MapSummer Night 37:30pm
Lydiard Country Park01/07/14MapSummer Night 27:30pm
RWB High Street17/06/14MapSummer Night 17:30pm
URC Club Hall03/06/14MapAnnual Competition - Prints - Judge: Ian Drake7:30pm
URC Club Hall27/05/14MapAnnual Competition - Digital - Judge: Jim Marsden APAGB, FRPS, EPIAP7:30pm
URC Club Hall13/05/14MapPresentation Night - Members Night7:30pm
URC Club Hall29/04/14MapPresentation - T4 Cameras - Richard Reynolds7:30pm
URC Club Hall15/04/14MapCompetition - Open - Judge: Eddy Lane7:30pm
Royal Agricultural University14/04/14MapTri-Battle7:30pm
URC Club Hall01/04/14MapPresentation - Nature Photography through the Seasons - by Robert Harvey7:30pm
URC Club Hall25/03/14MapSelection night for Tri-Battle7:30pm
URC Club Hall18/03/14MapTri-Battle v Calne and Nonpareil Camera Clubs7:30pm
URC Club Hall04/03/14MapCompetition - Open - Judge: Mike Curtis7:30pm
URC Club Hall25/02/14MapSelection Night for Tri-Battle7:30pm
URC Club Hall18/02/14MapAGM - Presentation by our President7:30pm
URC Club Hall04/02/14MapPortrait Night - Bring your cameras7:30pm
URC Club Hall21/01/14MapCompetition - Music - Judge: Tony Bryam7:30pm
URC Club Hall07/01/14MapSummer Competition - Judge: Andrew Purdy7:30pm
The Bayberry17/12/13MapChristmas Dinner7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/12/13MapPresentation - Near and Far - by John Chamberlin7:30pm
URC Club Hall19/11/13MapCompetition - Fashion - Judge: Bob Ryan7:30pm
URC Club Hall05/11/13MapPresentation - The Digital Monochrome Print - by Andy Beel7:30pm
URC Club Hall22/10/13MapTable top Night7:30pm
URC Club Hall08/10/13MapCompetition - A Touch of Red - Judge: Syd Matthews LRPS7:30pm
URC Club Hall24/09/13MapHow to submit a Competition Entry7:30pm
URC Club Hall10/09/13MapBasic Photography7:30pm
URC Club Hall03/09/13MapPresentation Night7:30pm
White Horse27/08/13MapPhotography at the White Horse7:30pm
Devizes20/08/13MapPhotography In Devizes7:30pm
Malmesbury13/08/13MapPhotography in Malmesbury7:30pm
Silk icons by Mark James