Annual Prints Exhibition – Aug 12th to 26th 2017

As has become an established practice for many years, and as part of our Club’s constitution, we will be exhibiting the prints from our Annual Competition during the last two weeks of August.  This display will be held in the RWB Library, which has to date escaped the refurbishment work that was planned earlier in the year.

The Annual Competition for both prints and projected images was held in June and judged over separate evenings. Club members were able to submit three images into each of the three different categories of the competition viz: Action; Portrait and Open, with each category posing different challenges to the photographer.  The competition attracted a healthy number of entries as members vyed with each other to win the coveted cups and shields that they could display at home for the forthcoming year. The presentation of the awards is performed by the Mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett  during the first meeting of the new season which starts on September 12th 2017.

Visitors to the exhibition will not only be able to view the work of the Camera Club but also find out further information about the Club and the potential benefits they could enjoy by joining the Club and sharing their knowledge and experiences with other like-minded people.  The advent of digital photography and particularly the mobile phone has enabled almost everyone to document life in pictures as well as words. Beyond the rapid exchange of images through social media, the challenges of capturing people, places and mother Nature at its finest will continue to attract and motivate photographers at all levels.