Gazing skyward – August 22nd 2017

The last of the Summer photo-shoots was an astrophotography evening in Avebury, which was considered to present a more interesting landscape than Rockley Down. As with previous evenings, the weather proved challenging. But the rain held off and in fact some splendid late evening sunshine illuminated the stones at Avebury and a pleasant, though not spectacular sunset was observed.

Whilst waiting for darkness to descend, some liquid refreshments were taken in the Red Lion, after which it was time to try and find the least light polluted area and point the cameras skywards. Adam and Neil staked out some locations before firmly grounded their tripods and experimenting with a number of camera settings. They were still engrossed in their activities when the other two members decided that enough was enough and the increasing appearance of cloud was making things even more challenging. Hopefully the patience of Adam and Neil was rewarded with some pleasing shots that we may see in the Summer Competition later in the year