Summer Photo-shoot #3- July 24th 2018

“Four legs good; two legs bad” is a quote from Orwell’s Animal Farm and so we did something different and visited a local riding school and stables for our third photo-shoot evening to record images of our equine friends.

The weather was glorious and after some briefing instructions from the owner, we were able to wander around the paddocks and arena to photograph riders and their mounts, as riding lessons and some jumping took place. In addition we visited the adjacent paddocks where horses were grazing and showed great curiosity as telephoto lenses were pointed at them and came to investigate further.

Being in the school holidays and towards the end of the day, there was limited activity but the invitation was received to visit again at weekends when jumping competitions and cross country events are held which attract a lot more participation. Thanks to the owner for his helpfulness in arranging and managing the visit