Presentation” Wildlife & Pet Photography” – November 27th 2018

Dr Tracey Rich gave us a very entertaining and informative presentation showcasing a vast range of wildlife that had been photographed around the globe. Her passion, enthusiasm and love of all forms of wildlife was fully evident, as was her commitment to conservation and respecting the environment in which she operated. From local images of birds and hares, we were then transported on a worldwide tour covering 6 continents and many exotic species. Whether it was an albatross colony on a Southern Ocean island or a zebra with a newly born foal in the African savannah, she manage to capture the moment perfectly.

Her images were stunning and emphasised the importance of creating a connection with the photographic subject and looking for a message from the image. She even demonstrated a few animal calls that iterspersed her anecdotes.When the lighting conditions were challenging, she still managed to acquire impressive images.

Tracey concluuded her talk with some wonderful dog photographic images where she often had to contend with unruly pets and similar behaviour from their owners. All in all an enthralling evening.