“Street Photography” Workshop – October 23rd 2019

Some Club members along with guests from other local Camera Clubs met up in Swindon town centre with Damien Demolder for a practical workshop. The day started with a coffee and the chance for attendees to share their expectations from the workshop and to outline their general photographic activities. A range of Panasonic cameras were available to choose from along with a brief introduction. The first location chosen was an underpass which offered varying intensity and direction of light and was used to show the wide ranging effect this had on the image.  Exposure compensation was explored to ensure correct exposure of the subject against various backgrounds.

After lunch we practised photographing people in a discrete way which made both the subject and the photographer feel comfortable with the approach. Seemingly ordinary locations provided exciting photo-opportunities combining leading lines, patterns, interesting shadows and reflections. We concluded the day with a review session and shared our learnings. In summary, an excellent workshop that was informative, confidence building and great fun. Thanks to Damien for sharing his expertise and Panasonic for providing the camera equipment.