“Street Photography” Presentation – October 22 2019

The Club was treated to a very special evening with Damien Demolder who shared his extensive experience, ideas and insights into the world of street photography Рwhich can be loosely defined as achieving extraordinary images of ordinary situations. He emphasised the importance of working with the light, carefully composing the image and looking for contrast on many different levels. This all helped to capture the moment  that lended impact and drama to the image. Damien was assisted by Andre from Park Cameras who displayed a range of Panasonic camera equipment which members had the opportunity to get their hands on both before the talk and during the tea break.

Damien’s talk was great preparation for the workshop session on the following day in Swindon town centre. This gave attendees the ¬†chance to use the Panasonic cameras and put into practice the ideas conveyed by the presentation.