“Creative Photography” Presentation – November 19th 2019

As Einstein quoted “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” and Robin Gregory treated us to an entertaining and highly enjoyable journey through his imaginative images. Starting with simple everyday objects like matchsticks, dolls, feathers and miniature models, Robin’s creative thought processes went into overdrive. Combining a number of photographic images along with extensive post- processing and image manipulation skills, Robin’s photographic artistry came to the fore.

He uses a Fuji camera with a fixed lens and demonstrated that imagination creates the final image with the camera really only recording the inputs with which he can work. Unashamedly admitting to learning by copying good ideas and developing them further through experimentation provided the stimulus to create futuristic, escapist and in many cases very humorous images.

The use of audio-visuals, street photography and an insight into some of the tips and techniques used all combined to create an inspiring evening