Photoshoot #2 – August 4th 2020


Our second summer photoshoot took place in Calne where we explored the town’s historic Heritage Quarter, This is an area within the town that is full of character and charm. Some of the main sights include the Proclamation Steps, St Mary’s Church, the Green, the Heritage Centre and the tiny Almshouses. The town’s historical connection with the cloth industry is evidenced by Weavers House at The Green which for five centuries was the heart of the cloth making industry following an influx of Flemish weavers who settled here in the 1300s..

Calne Sculpture

Famous people associated with the town include Joseph Priestley, the man who ‘discovered’ oxygen and Jan Ingen Housz, the man who identified photosynthesis, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Harris Brothers, whose bacon factory was a huge employer in the area.