Zoom Presentation – November 16th 2021

Mike Martin from Bristol Photographic Society gave us a presentation entitled “It’s not what you take…..it’s what you make” which was both very enjoyable and highly informative.

Wth many years experience and an undiminished passion for photography, Mike outlined his overall approach which was based on three steps namely¬† 1) Simplify and critique your own images; 2) Make the most of what you’ve got and 3) add Stuff. He then gave several example of his mantra in action, mainly using portrait images. His advanced processing skills, coupled with his acute attention to detail and an extensive image library allows him to discover the image that he visualises at the outset of the process.

Mike then showed the processes that featured in compiling his panel submission which achieved Associate membership of the Welsh Photographic Federation. After the interval, Mike shared some of his lockdown images before giving a practical demonstration of manipulating an architectural image using Photoshop. His imaginative approach and creativity will hopefully inspire us all to experiment further with our photographic endeavours.