Summer Evening 2 – Visit to Corsham – July 12th

Once again the weather conspired to provide overcast conditions and very flat light but at least the rain held off until the attendees were safely ensconced in a local hostelry later that evening.

From the meeting point, the attendees walked through the tree lined pathway towards Corsham Court, capturing the views of the park, St Bartholomews Church and the Court itself, although this was closed. After this we wandered around the town and enjoyed seeing two peacocks strutting their stuff along the High Street, quite oblivious to the traffic. There cannot be many towns around which have a “peacock crossing”. However, from the photographers viewpoint, sadly the peacocks never displayed their full plumage for our cameras.


Well we had our last photography evening for the 2015 summer, and all in all, I think that it was a success. Looking at some of the photographs that members posted on social media I can certainly see that this years Summer Comp is going to be quite fierce.

During the evening at Avebury, we even had a bit of musical accompaniment in the form of someone playing the bag pipes on the ridge.

So the next event is the first night of the 2015/2016 season, which is the presentation of the 2014/2015 awards. These will be presented by the Mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett, Cllr Ian Ferries.

An Evening in Cirencester

On Tuesday 30th June, members of the Camera Club met in Cirencester as the second summer event. We arranged to meet in the high street and then went of in various directions, but all ended up by the river taking photographs of the woolly tree.

It was then that time of the day where a drink was the order of the day so we all went of to a local pub for a drink, and a chat.

For me it is the best part of a club, in that we don’t see each other for two weeks, but when we do the friendship is clearly there, as there is a common bond, in photography.



Start of the Summer Programme

Last night we started our Summer Programme, with a stroll through various area’s of Royal Wootton Basset. We all ended up at the pub, where drinks were very welcome, but they did not like the look of mine. A mixture of Orange and Coke, which in Germany is called a Spezi which is really refreshing despite the weird colour.

Enough of the drinks, lots of photo’s were taken, which is a good start for the Summer Competition.

Summer Competition

On Tuesday 7th January, the club has its first night of the year. The theme of the night was to judge the photographs taken during the Summer Break where club members attending one of the organized evenings, and also the club’s trip to Wisley.

There were two categories, Digital and Print. Originally, it was for me to Judge them, but as I had organized the evenings (Not Wisley), I thought that it would not be right, so I managed to persuade Robert Slade to Judge. Silly me thinking that he had judged many times before, he informed us on the night that this was his first time judging with the club. Well with the feedback and general comments you would have thought he had been doing this for years.

The evening was a success, and the winners were Alan Armstrong for Digital and Bernard Rose for Prints. Well done to you both, and I hope you enjoy the trophies for the year, well Bernard will. But that is another story…..

Malmesbury Photography Evening

On Tuesday 13th August, we had our 10th Summer Photography Evening.

The Abbey was photographed as usual, however part of the Abbey is being repaired and the workmen were busy setting up the scaffolding. But the view from the gardens (not the ones with the naked gardener) was still un-cluttered.

A nice walk around the Town, and it is quite easy to see how much history there is in these small market towns that is normally missed. On a nice evening, there was a game of bowls being played which was a good photographic opportunity.

Finishing of at the weir where there was plenty of great angles for that competition winning shot.


Cricklade Photography Evening

On Tuesday 6th August, we had our 9th summer photography evening at Cricklade. As this was Allan’s home town, we were treated to a very interesting tour of the local area.

During the evening, there was many opportunities to photograph the sights, including the Church, High Street and River Thames just to mention a few stops.IMG_3339 IMG_3386


Photography evening at Cirencester

Well, what a fab evening it turned out to be. There was a total of 4 of us. Mark, Lynda, Alan, and Andrew. We all found each other by the Church, and took a number of photographs around the Church.

Then we walked around the town, taking in the sights, and enjoying the conversations on various topics, of course stopping now and again to take photographs. We walked all the way to the outdoor pool, which was shut, and was going to enjoy the riverside walk, but it should be a trickle side walk.

If anything came out of tonight’s visit, it was that at least one of us, will be going back again to photograph various aspects of the town in different lighting conditions, which is great.

To be honest, this is exactly what I had in mind, when I set up these evenings. Photography, mixed with social interaction with fellow club members, just great I do not think it can’t be beaten.

Once we had photographed enough, we decided to meet up at the Greyhound at Siddington, as they had a great outdoor garden, and what an end to an totally enjoyable evening. I hope that you enjoy the next tuesday, which is Lechlade, but I can’t make it as that day is my dreaded 50th.