Photoshoot #2 – August 4th 2020


Our second summer photoshoot took place in Calne where we explored the town’s historic Heritage Quarter, This is an area within the town that is full of character and charm. Some of the main sights include the Proclamation Steps, St Mary’s Church, the Green, the Heritage Centre and the tiny Almshouses. The town’s historical connection with the cloth industry is evidenced by Weavers House at The Green which for five centuries was the heart of the cloth making industry following an influx of Flemish weavers who settled here in the 1300s..

Calne Sculpture

Famous people associated with the town include Joseph Priestley, the man who ‘discovered’ oxygen and Jan Ingen Housz, the man who identified photosynthesis, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Harris Brothers, whose bacon factory was a huge employer in the area. 


Upcoming Photoshoot #2 – Calne – August 4th 2020

We will meet around 6.30 pm in the free car parks in The Pippin opposite Sainsburys.

From there there is a path with a bridge over the River Marden onto the start of Church Street. There is also a bridge further down the road at a place known locally as Doctors Pond, named after Dr Joseph Priestly who discovered oxygen whilst staying at Bowood House in 1774. This path leads into Mill Street which has some quite old cottages and the Proclamation Steps, where results of elections were announced. The old water mill is visible on the left

Further on is a recreation ground where there is a plaque for a Calne man who ran the fastest time for a mile but was not recorded as he was a professional athlete. Kingsbury Street has a row of tiny almshouses and opens out on to The Green which is where wealthy owners from cloth making lived.

On the Strand is the Lansdowne Arms hotel with a steep hill running up to its left called Castle Hill and the Grade 2 listed Town Hall building opened in 1886

Photoshoot #1 – Avebury – July 21st 2020

Despite some confusion over availability of parking in the village, a small group assembled and went on a circular walk as recommended by our President, using his local knowledge of the area. The circular walk took us past the church, over the meadows and eventually back into the charming village centre. Avebury View Horse Riders


The scenery was attractive, the roads traffic-free and we were bathed in evening sunshine. Not a single sarsen stone was photographed but that was what made this evening trip to Avebury so different and enjoyable.

Summer Photoshoot – Avebury – July 21st 2020

At relatively short notice, our first photo-shoot of the summer is a visit to Avebury to look for different opportunities to photograph the stone circles…..and possibly sheep if they are grazing near them!

We will meet from 6.30 pm onwards and after some fresh air, exercise and hopefully some novel images of the stones, seek refreshment in the only pub in the world inside a stone circle.

Cricklade Battle – March 3rd 2020

Our second annual Battle with Cricklade Camera Club was held in the Cricklade Town Hall Annexe and well attended by representatives from both Clubs. Each Club submitted 30 projected images of Open subject matter which were shown in random order and judged by Prof. Bob Ryan.

In a closely fought contest, Cricklade CC shot into an early lead by 11.5 points but a strong second half performance saw RWBCC reduce the deficit. However, we were unable to overtake the aggregated score and eventually lost by a mere 3 points. Final scores were

  • Cricklade CC 486.5 points
  • RWB CC 483.5 points

Thanks were extended to Cricklade CC for hosting the event and to the judge, who clearly explained his scoring system from the outset and commented on each image with both rigour and wit.

AGM & Members Evening – February 18th 2020

The Annual General Meeting was held during the first part of the evening with the election of Club Officers resulting in a Committee that looks suspiciously like the last one!

Before the tea break, Dave Garmont shared his journey in becoming a light-weight photographer by switching to an Olympus E-M5 Mk3 camera and a range of four third micro lenses. These latest technology, faster lenses not only reduced the weight of his camera bag but obviated use of a tripod and were far more sympathetic to his arthritic neck. After demonstrating the equipment he showed an impressive collection of bird images that had been achieved with his new kit.

After the break, Jim Bullock treated us to a wide ranging presentation of his eclectic images, charting his photographic progression. His genuine love of photography and willingness to experiment and try new ideas to arrive at different results were evident. Using various computer programmes, Jim was able to demonstrate his creativity and originality in his images across several genres.

Competition #3 – February 4th 2020

Sandy Watson judged our third competition and in breaking with our normal practice, he judged the images without having previously viewed them.  This added an air of anticipation and gave some valuable insight into how the images were assessed.

From the outset he set the scene by declaring that he was more of a mentor than a judge and clearly directed his attention and comments to the picture rather than the mount in which it was presented. In a number of cases he suggested where he felt that monochrome would have illustrated the detail and texture more clearly in the image. He also encouraged the photographer to try something different and be prepared to make your own mark on an existing image through the use of simple props.

The winning print entitled “Mother and child” featured a hi light image of a pen and its cygnet submitted by Jim Bullock. The projected image section was won by Chris Hayward with his silhouetted image of “Fishing at Dusk”

Presentation – January 21st 2020

Tonight’s meeting welcomed back to the club Peter Weaver, one of our regular judges who now also presents collections of his images. This talk was entitled ‘My Digital View’ and consisted of a travelogue of images taken in all parts of the British Isles. All genres were covered from Street to Landscape, Portrait to Crowds, Seascapes to Skyscapes. In keeping with the growing movement to curb unnecessary travel, Peter’s images showed that one really does not need a passport to visit some incredibly photogenic sites and events.

Member’s Evening – January 7th 2020

In the first meeting of the new year, the floor was opened to the members to show their work and discuss different aspects of photography.  Adam started the process and shared images from the Club’s summer outing to the Black Country Museum followed by several images of Christmas lights in his village. He concluded with the first few images of his 365 photo-a-day challenge and encouraged others to try the experience.

Tony presented some aspects of his photographic journey including his early work with film and 120 format images taken with a  Zeiss Ikon Ikonta camera which was highly regarded in its day.

After the tea break, Steve showed some of his impressive prints and the evening concluded with a couple of short videos on portrait photography and a selection of National Geographic images.