“Creative Approach workshop” – April 30th 2019

A strong attendance of members experienced an interactive and very different evening that was led by David Southwell. The audience was firstly invited to think about what a “personal style” meant in terms of the images they take and importantly from the perspective of others viewing their images. Steering clear of technical considerations, emphasis was placed on describing the emotions and feelings that the photographer intended to convey and developing dialogue in small group discussions to unearth other inputs. Simple models were shared enabling the photographer to review both their thinking and approach as part of a conscious learning journey and development of an unique individual style if they so wished.  The evening concluded with a few members showing an image that had a particular significance to them and gauging the response from the wider audience.

In all, an intriguing evening with plenty of food for thought and exercise for parts of the grey matter that had been dormant (in my case for many years).  It will be interesting to see how some of the ideas are taken forward and reflected in future images.