AV Extravaganza – May 14th 2019

A small but hardy group of members attended the meeting, neglecting the opportunity to bathe in summer sunshine in their garden or watch the Championship play off semi-finals. Some technical challenges were faced with different software versions and file formats being used but Brian Holden was able to show a couple of his AVs. The first featured Norfolk Island and combined background music and narration to convey the tranquillity of the location and its pristine and varied coastlines. His second AV on New Zealand linked some enchanting music tracks with haka video footage showing the ceremonial dance routine of the Maori culture. The vigorous movements, stamping of feet and extreme facial gestures invoked both feelings of unease and also some amusement.

After the break, some AVs from the WCPF 2016 competition were viewed.  These encompassed some strong messages and a couple of examples of the musical track being the starting point and then images being deliberately chosen to reinforce the audio component.