Portraiture Lighting Workshop – May 28th 2019

Graham Light from Abbey Studios made his second appearance at the Club and ran a workshop demonstrating lighting techniques for studio portraiture. With a plain white backdrop and a couple of powerful and versatile studio lights, Graham was able to show the effect of various lighting conditions using direct and reflected flash.

By tethering his camera to Lightroom, Graham was able to project the recorded images thus giving immediate feedback on the impact of the lighting changes that were made. Members were given the opportunity to set their cameras to the metered light conditions and take their own images of the models Grace and Ben, who kindly agreed to sit for us.

The clear and uncomplicated approach to lighting adopted by Graham was effective in communicating the factors to consider and the range of effects that could be achieved by relatively minor changes to the lighting set up. An enjoyable practical evening that gave us all a much better appreciation of lighting processes and the versatility that a simple lighting arrangement could achieve.