AGM & Members Evening – February 18th 2020

The Annual General Meeting was held during the first part of the evening with the election of Club Officers resulting in a Committee that looks suspiciously like the last one!

Before the tea break, Dave Garmont shared his journey in becoming a light-weight photographer by switching to an Olympus E-M5 Mk3 camera and a range of four third micro lenses. These latest technology, faster lenses not only reduced the weight of his camera bag but obviated use of a tripod and were far more sympathetic to his arthritic neck. After demonstrating the equipment he showed an impressive collection of bird images that had been achieved with his new kit.

After the break, Jim Bullock treated us to a wide ranging presentation of his eclectic images, charting his photographic progression. His genuine love of photography and willingness to experiment and try new ideas to arrive at different results were evident. Using various computer programmes, Jim was able to demonstrate his creativity and originality in his images across several genres.